The invasion of the stink bugs

CHADDS FORD, Pa. - September 20, 2010

There have been many sightings lately of the ferocious looking nuisance. They've popped up mainly at homes and buildings as they try to find a warm place to hibernate.

Royal Pest Management let our cameras join them as they worked on a home in Chadds Ford.

"What we're doing is putting a barrier there so they are excluded from coming in," said Ertell Whigham.

However, environmental experts don't agree with using sprays to get rid of stink bugs - especially inside the home. They suggest sealing up cracks and crevices, and simply sweeping up or vacuuming them as fast as you see them.

Frank Apichella opted to kill one with his bare hands despite the fact of why they're called stink bugs.

"It doesn't stink bad at all," he said, before adding "Just kidding."

"My daughters keep me well-informed that they do stink, mommy don't crush stink bugs," said Kristin.

And if they've been annoying in the past, they'll be even more annoying this year because experts expect a surge in the population.

Since it was such a hot year, it's possible they had two generations which would double their population," said Linda Barry who is a master gardener.

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