Teen shot to death in Oxford Circle identified

OXFORD CIRCLE - September 24, 2010

The shooting happened along the 900 block of Anchor Street shortly after 9:00 p.m.

The victim, Ahmad Dotson of the 5900 block of Belden, was on his way to meet his twin brother in a park when he was shot.

Authorities say a neighborhood dispute had been brewing and escalated into this tragedy. They do say it was non-drug related.

According to police, Ahmad was on the block with a couple friends when two gunmen came up to them. At least one of the gunmen fired striking Ahmad in the chest.

Ahmad was an 11th grader at Fels High School.

He had just transferred from Olney High and forwent football this year to concentrate on his studies.

Ahmad had just helped his mother, Julia, decorate their front porch. Julia is devastated over the loss of her son.

"He's a good kid. Honor roll student, active in sports, active in our church, he's just a good kid," Julia said.

Police continue to question witnesses and other neighborhood teens looking for the killer.

"Everything we've gotten so far suggests this kid was a really good kid, doing pretty good in school from what I understand, it's just one of those ultimate tragedies," Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross said.

Julia Dotson is a single mother of three sons, one is finishing college this year. She is a disabled army veteran injured during her 19 months on duty in Iraq. Now this mother grieving for her child has one question: "If I could make it home from overseas why can't my son make it home in his own community?"

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