Celebrating 7 years of Call For Action successes

Numbers don't lie, especially this one: $13,137,441.39!

That's how much in refunds, goods, and services our Call for Action volunteers have helped recover for our viewers.

And since the hotline started here at Action News in 2003, CFA has opened 17,623 cases.

CFA got a $2,000 phone bill waived for Theresa Schultz.

A refund from a pest control company for Patty Hricak.

A $400 airline voucher for Nancy Bilheimer.

But money isn't the only thing CFA recovers.

In Darlene Cannon's case it was memories.

Call For Action helped Darlene track down lost pictures of her son who died from cancer.

"I love Call for Action, I recommend it to everybody," Darlene said.

And while pictures are priceless, we can put a price tag on this one.

This next case involves one of the largest sums of money the hotline has ever recovered for one consumer.

Cheryl Chesney has a life insurance policy with a living needs benefit rider.

But when she tried to use the rider, she was told the money wasn't available.

That changed, though, since calling CFA.

"I've received two checks from the company, $36,000," Cheryl said.

Eventually Cheryl received a total of $222,000.

And Call For Action has helped hundreds of other consumers through the years.

If you need help from Call for Action call 1-866-978-4232 or email CFA.

If you'd like to volunteer, call 215-581-5745.

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