Autograph book proves it's a small world (after all)

September 24, 2010

10-year-old Kyra has spent her short life looking after her even littler sister Delaney who has Down syndrome.

"She's such a great kid and she helps her sister all the time," Kyra's mother Nikki Murphy said.

So, this past summer, while Delaney was off at summer camp, her parents Tom and Nikki decided to surprise Kyra with a trip to Disney World, where she was instantly star struck, buying an autograph book to get her favorite stars' signatures.

"And not long after, unfortunately, she set it down after getting a few autographs and then she lost it," Tom said.

Kyra was understandably upset, so Tom and Nikki searched for days for the book, eventually assuming it had just been thrown away. It hadn't.

"About a month later, a package arrived in the mail. It was the autograph book, but this time, it was filled with signatures," Nikki said.

"I got Goofy, Woody, Donald Duck," Kyra said.

It turns out the book was found by an Upper Darby native named Gavin, now a radio host in Sacramento California; he was on his honeymoon in Florida.

Gavin's story became a radio sensation in Sacramento, not because of what he did, but because of what he got in return. He received a heartwarming letter from Kyra and pictures showing the face of the girl he had known just by name.

" I'm appreciative of her love being sent back," Gavin said.

Kyra has her book back and all it took was a Sacramento, Orlando, Upper Darby miracle which proved, yes, it is a small world after all.

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