Man with knife shot by police in Olney library

OLNEY - September 27, 2010

Police say the 35th district officer approached the suspect inside the library and repeatedly told him to drop his knife. He then lunged at the officer who opened fire. Pebbles Dorsey says her sister was inside when the suspect took a bullet to the face.

"It was straight chaotic they begged and pleaded with him to put his weapon down but he wouldn't."

Police say moments before being shot, the suspect held up a shoe store at knife point. He then fled the store and tried to hide out in the nearby library. About a dozen people were inside. Had it been an hour later, library personnel say it would've been packed with children.

The suspect is 31-years-old. His name has not been released. Sources say he has a long list of priors including sexual assault, aggravated assault and robbery.

He's in extremely critical condition.

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