Unpaid tickets, hotel strands travelers

TRENTON, N.J. - September 27, 2010 The man in the middle of all of this refused to speak on camera, but says it was all a big mistake, for which he takes blame.

Nearly 12 hours after their plane was supposed to take off en route to Las Vegas the group was stuck on a sidewalk in Trenton, their luck already run out.

Greg Lewis and his wife were 2 of 19 people all part of a non-profit group planning a personal getaway who showed up at Philadelphia International Airport for their 10:45 a.m. flight only to be told their tickets were never paid for, the boarding passes they'd been issued were no good.

It turns out it wasn't just the airline that wasn't paid, neither, they say, was the hotel. A total of $6300 the group paid Mercer Travel, getting only a trip back on the bus that brought them to the airport.

And they aren't the only ones claiming to be victims of bad business. Another woman, who declined to appear on camera, showed us her bill. She paid nearly $4000 for a trip to Punta Cana in June and says she, too, didn't get what she paid for.

Though police spent hours inside Mercer Travel, they didn't arrest or charge Louis Mercer with anything satisfied he'd made things right.

This group isn't so sure.

Louis Mercer assured Action News the situation has been rectified, and the group will be Vegas bound on Tuesday.

As for the Punta Cana customer and others that have come forward, he says each one is a unique situation and that the vast majority of his clients, including Trenton city government are repeat customers, and they are satisfied customers.

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