Mrs. Fixit: Bathroom Helpers

October 09,2010

A hair pick is the perfect tool for smoothing fringe on area rugs. It's wide tines won't damage the strings and the plastic won't scratch your floors!!

Do you have daughters? Did you know that a toothbrush and a spritz bottle of warm water are all you need to bring a doll's hair back to smooth and shiny. Working in small sections, spritz a little water and smooth it through with a toothbrush.

A bobby pin is a great tool for removing slivers, just press down on the back side of the sliver and push it out of your skin.

You can also use them to hold a hem straight and flat while you sew a repair.

If you're a traditionalist and prefer pins for your sewing needs, grab a bar of soap. It makes a great alternative pin cushion. Plus the soap will lubricate the pin so that it will slide through the fabric easily.

A straightening iron is a great tool for a quick press on collars, ribbons or hems. Just heat it up and slide it over the items just like you do your hair!

Easy ideas for putting bathroom staples to use around your house, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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