High-end clothes without the fancy boutique

WAYNE, Pa. - Oct. 6, 2010

"I was one of those women who had the very common problem of tons of clothes and nothing to wear," Ballard explains.

She says the Etcetera clothing line -- which she now sells -- solved her problem. Many of Etcetera's designers also work for top fashion houses.

"This is a line where you can buy one or two pieces from season to season," Ballard explains. "And you're going to find a perfect piece to go with it the next Fall. And so, it allowed me to build a wardrobe over time."

The clothing in the Etcetera line isn't cheap -- with jackets, skirts and sweaters selling for $250-$350 dollars.

But because the clothes are sold without the overhead involved in running a store, and because they're made to last, strategic purchases can save some shoppers money.

Tracey Sloan, of Wayne, Pa., is one of Sam's clients. She's only bought a couple of pieces, but already feels she's getting more out of her clothing dollars.

"Personally, when i would go to a store, I would be overwhelmed," Sloan explains. "i would buy something and get it home and it looked completely different in my mirror. It did not look like what I thought it looked like at the store, didn't go with other pieces, and then it just sat in my closet and it just never got worn."

She says that by shopping with Ballard she's not wasting money on clothes she won't wear. Sloan really liked a pink mohair and wool jacket, which sells for $335.

Ballard showed her how it could be worn with slacks, jeans or a pencil skirt for three different looks. She also suggested how it could be accessorized.

"Because all of our pieces are so high-quality, they're going to last for years and years," Ballard says. "They can really take the black turtleneck and black pants from maybe a lower-priced line and take it up a couple of notches."

Ballard says only a few of her clients come in and buy dozens of pieces. Most are like Sloan -- willing to spend money on a few classic, versatile items they can mix and match, and wear for years.

To find an Etcetera consultant and trunk show near you, email MyConsultant@Etcetera.com or call (215) 638-9637.

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