Translating tree talk, apps for working out

September 30, 2010

With the midterm elections just around the corner, we thought this app was very appropriate. It's called Visible Vote and it's a way to directly connect with your legislators. This app allows you to tell Congress exactly how you feel on any issue and see how your vote compares to theirs So how does it work? Congressional officials don't allow anyone to email them directly and they require you to contact them through convoluted websites. To solve this problem, Visible Vote sends all messages via electronic fax. So all the work is done for you.

The next app expects you to do the work but it offers a little motivation. Micoach is from the people of Adidas and it turns your iPhone into your own personal coach. After it assesses your fitness level, it provides time, distance, and training log features, plus audible coaching prompts to make sure you're not slacking off during your workout.

If you're workouts result in abs like The Situation, you don't have to look much further than The Situation's own app. Just when you thought he couldn't possibly market himself anymore, The Situation now has one of the best selling apps from the iTunes store. It not only offers his own ab workouts but some games that only true lovers of the Jersey Shore reality show can appreciate. Remember you can also catch him on Dancing with the Stars.

Don't worry we're not going to end it on that one!

What if trees could talk? They'd probably have a lot to say. Some scientists in Belgium hooked a 100-year-old tree up to a weather station, webcam ozone meter and light meter. All of those gadgets are wired through the tree's WiFi station that translates data from all those devices to custom software which analyzes it and determines how the tree feels. Then it is translated into words on Facebook and twitter, plus videos on YouTube and images on flickr. Visit to get the full experience.

If you're not the most organized person, keeping track of business cards can be a little overwhelming. Not anymore! Try It's an iPhone app that's pretty self explanatory. For $7 it scans and stores all your business cards in your iPhone.

More business card apps: WorldCard Mobile (for iPhone) and CamCard (for multiple smartphones).

Keep in mind, if your smartphone does not have a good or updated camera, the app is a waste of money. It simply can't read the info on the business card clearly enough for it to store the info. I would highly recommend using the free trials on these apps before you spend the $7 to $11 on the full service app.

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