Candidates battle "voter apathy" in Pa. gov. race

PHILADELPHIA - October 4, 2010

Hopefully that will change because there are two very important races in Pennsylvania, including the race for governor.

Democrat Dan Onorato, from Pittsburgh could be the commonwealth's next governor. Monday he walked through center city Philadelphia, virtually unnoticed only a month Before Election Day. Masses of voters are not exactly following his race against Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett with zeal.

The polls show Corbett holding onto a narrowing lead, but our exclusive 6abc Franklin and Marshall College survey has up to 37% of Pennsylvania's registered voters still undecided.

Tom Corbett was on familiar stomping grounds out in the Pittsburgh area today. He told Action News weeks ago that he wished the election had been in August when he was cruising with double digit leads; knowing that gubernatorial races have a tendency to get tight in the home stretch.

Corbett has the larger war chest and he has been running TV ads non-stop since late summer. But Onorato, the Allegheny County manager has surprised many with his fund raising prowess. He'll be competitive on the airwaves in every market through Election Day.

Having nearly 40% of voters declare "undecided" at this point on the calendar is extremely unusual for a high profile race like the Pennsylvania governor. With the situation so fluid, it means turnout will be the key to victory or defeat here.

"This year is all about who turns out," said Professor Matthew Kerbel of Villanova University.

Democrats have a registration advantage of 1.3 million in Pennsylvania. Onorato's spokesman tells Action News that he hopes President Obama's visit to the Philadelphia area this weekend will help spur more enthusiasm in the Delaware Valley.

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