FYI: Recycle My Dress

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October 20, 2010 3:42:18 AM PDT
You've heard the phrase, always a bridesmaid never a bride? If that speaks to you, Karen Rogers has an FYI for you on turning even the most hideous frocks into fashionable pieces you can wear again and again.

Nicole Kulp, is always busy with her vintage Singer featherweight, breathing new life into old dresses in need of a major makeover. Where'd she get the idea?

"I continuously was a bridesmaid," Kulp told FYI. "I kept going to weddings and needing a dress and they were just stacked up there."

So, she started shortening a hem here, changing a neckline there, recycling all of those high-priced, only-worn-once gowns. Then the raves started.

Nicole started to help other women make their old dresses new again.

Nicole also recycles prom dresses, old wedding dresses and some dresses she finds at thrift stores, revamping them and selling them online.

Nicole has been sewing since she was 10 years old. She was taught by her mother and grandmother. It's always been a labor of love, and now her love is helping you recycle your dress. Gotta love that.