Parenting Perspective: Problems with milk

October 7, 2010

But after a few weeks of doing well, he started spitting up again. We wondered what it could be - was he lactose intolerant?

We cut back on the milk and put him back on a formula for toddlers. And I've got a call in to the pediatrician.

But the question about lactose intolerance sent me to the web, with interesting results. Turns out my kid probably does not have the intolerance, which shows itself more in diarrhea, stomach cramps, bloating and gas - not spitting up. also reports lactose intolerance tends to show up more older kids, not toddlers.

And a note: lactose intolerance is not the same as a milk allergy. That's more likely to show up hives, watery eyes or drippy nose.

The website suggests doing a little test, removing dairy from your child's diet and then adding it back in slowly to pinpoint either items or amounts that bother your child. Turns out while some kids can't tolerate milk well, they do okay with yogurt or some cheeses, which are lower in lactose. And some kids can tolerate a little milk with food, even if a lot of milk solo makes them sick.

If you do try removing dairy, make sure supplement your toddler's calcium intake through leafy greens, fortified juice or soymilk, oranges, canned salmon or broccoli.

But as with all these things, it's best to not just diagnose at home. Check with a pediatrician, who can give you the best guidance for your kiddo.

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