Spectrum memories go on sale

PHILADELPHIA - October 8, 2010

A 10-day auction of Spectrum memorabilia began Friday morning.

There's everything from photos to player benches and lockers giving fans an opportunity to purchase a piece of Philadelphia sports history.

Hundreds of collectible Spectrum items, including many wonderful championship memories, went on sale via an internet auction at www.rememberthespectrum.com

Ike Richman, V.P. of Public Relations says, "The Spectrum means so much for so many people, and everybody wants to own a piece of the Spectrum. And now they can."

There are jerseys, photos, old concert posters when ticket prices were cheap, along with hockey nets, basketball nets and giant banners.

"They are 50 feet by 30 feet, and they weigh over 200 pounds. We've been offered $2,500 from fans who'd like to have them," said Louis Scheinfeld, Director of Spectrum Closure.

You can also purchase a Flyer locker. A Spectrum seat can be reserved for $295, or a pair of seats from $395. Scheinfeld said, several thousand pairs and several thousand individual seats have already been sold.

You can even purchase a locker room urinal.

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