Myzerr offer discounts to user groups

November 1, 2010

"Myzerr is a social network for rewards," explains Myzerr Founder Slade Sherman. "So what we enable is for businesses to sign up and it's free for a business to put coupons on the site. And what we've tried to do is connect those businesses with groups in the area."

Myzerr users form groups -- maybe it's the moms from a certain PTA... Or co-workers from a certain company.

Then businesses can target those groups with their discounts, or offer them to users in a certain geographic area.

Chiropractor Chris Bernabei figures everyone in Philadelphia can use stress-relief, so Myzerr users here can all take advantage of the discounts his Balance Health Center is offering on the site.

"During this very stressful time with the economy, most people have too much stress and not enough stress relief," Bernabei says. "So, what we've been trying to do is get people involved in stress-relief healthcare therapies or body movement classes. Yoga classes, deep tissue massage, chiropractic care, basically, under one roof, but at a discount."

There are a wide variety of deals available. And the site is free to both the businesses and the users.

"Essentially, any local business looking to promote themselves, it's a great destination for them to provide rewards," Sherman explains. "The most popular things are things like travel benefits, entertainment, restaurants, dining, those sorts of things."

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