Costume rental savings

October 13, 2010 6:05:48 AM PDT
Pierre's has been renting costumes in Philadelphia since 1943. And Halloween is Pierre's busiest time of year.

Some people reserve their Halloween costume rentals from Pierre's as early as August. But there's always a rush just before Halloween.

So, Pierre's has a special offer this year, meant to encourage would-be renters to place their orders sooner, rather than later.

Pierre's General Manager Jennifer Zumpf-Valosen explains, "If you book everything before the 16th of October, we are letting you pick it up as early as the 25th and you have it for the entire week of Halloween. It's not due back till November 1st, for the same cost as a one-day rental. So you get an extra seven days out of that for free."

To check out Pierre's costume inventory and reserve before the early-bird deadline, click here.