Local Marine watches baby's birth from Afghanistan

SELLERSVILLE, Pa. - October 11, 2010

Making it even harder: her husband - a US Marine - was 6,000 miles away, serving in Afghanistan.

But, on Saturday, a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop helped bring Corporal Caleb Reichard from Afghanistan to the delivery room at Grand View Hospital in Sellersville, Pa.

"Just being able to look over and see his face was a huge encouragement," Whitney said.

"Without much delay we were able to converse with him and he would constantly ask 'How she's doing, are you okay?" said Dr. Jennifer Landes of Grand View Medical.

Skype allowed the new father to experience what turned out to be 12 hours of labor.

"I did see him dozing a little bit, but every time I looked around he woke right up saying 'It's okay, we're good," said Whitney.

The new mom said her husband wasn't fazed by anything he saw.

"His face was like, 'Oh please, help her have the baby,'' said Whitney's mother Sharon Ladaverry. "He was biting his nails and I was like 'Do you have any more nails left?' He says 'I got one more. Can she have this?'"

They both were hoping baby Lyndey's birthday would be 10/10/10, but Saturday was the 9th.

However, with the 8-and-a-half hour time difference in Afghanistan, Caleb did get his wish.

"As soon as she was born Caleb looked at me and said 'Just so you know, it's October 10th here, so she was born October 10th," said Whitney.

As she shares the new bundle of joy with her family, Whitney still wishes Caleb could do the same.

"He got to see her but he didn't get to hold her," Whitney said. "I'm sure when he comes home in February that will be such a huge relief for him."

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