Parenting Perspective: Planting mums with dad

October 12, 2010

In fact, he now has his own vegetable garden in our backyard.

But now that October is here, we as a family have taken a special delight in the fall foliage and the vibrant colors that signal the arrival of the season.

This weekend we visited a local farm in search of mums for the garden, and perhaps a pumpkin or two. It was an exciting day for our 8-year-old, who enjoyed choosing which flowers to bring home to plant.

In so many ways, raising a child is like planting a flower - from the nurturing and care you give them to the joy in watching them grow and blossom. But we've also found that our son's self-esteem is also impacted by the effort he puts in his garden, and harvesting what he has grown.

Experts say by cultivating a child's curiosity about gardening, you help them develop a love of nature and the environment.

Not to mention the special time they get to spend with you.

We've found that gardening also gives Nicholas a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

Children learn best from doing. He has certainly learned what it takes to be a little gardener.

And yes, it can be a messy experience, with the dirt, and worms and bugs. But it's all worth if you're cultivating your child's curiosity.

Happy planting!

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