Phila. teacher accused of stealing laptops

PHILADELPHIA - October 12, 2010

The Ethan Allen Elementary teacher is accused of stealing more than 40 Apple laptops from the school.

"These are essential tools for our kids, and here we have a teacher accused of stealing laptops, the tools these kids need," said Fernando Gallard of the Philadelphia School District.

Philadelphia Police say Kremis began stealing the computers about a year ago and continued until this past August.

Investigators say Kremis, and her husband, Thomas Perry, would pawn the laptops at a Kensington Avenue pawn shop for a little over $100.

When they never returned for the merchandise, the owner began peeling back stickers Kremis had placed on them.

That's when he saw the school district labels.

"Even if you take these plates off, a marking is left behind that also identifies it as property of the School District of Philadelphia," said Gallard.

The owner of the pawn shop didn't want to talk on camera but tells Action News he became suspicious long before going to police, but Kremis told him she was a teacher at a private school undergoing financial difficulties.

Why Kremis and her husband allegedly stole the laptops and needed the money is unclear. Investigators say they're not cooperating.

Meanwhile, the district says Kremis has been suspended without pay and will be fired if convicted.

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