Special photo once lost, now found

PORT RICHMOND - October 13, 2010

Action News first met Anna Santiago back in July when she enlisted our help to find the only picture of her parents on their wedding day 70 years ago.

Anna's car had been stolen outside a market with the photo her mother had given her to get restored in the backseat.

Her mother is 90, and her father passed away 20 years ago. She had pleaded for the photo's return.

"Keep the car, I just want the picture," Anna said back then.

On Wednesday, she received a letter alerting her that the car had been found and had actually been sitting in a lot in Concord Township since July. She asked for our help to retrieve the photo and sure enough we found it still sitting in the backseat.

"It's been devastating for the both of us since the photo disappeared and now, I can't describe the feeling," Anna said.

After Action News gave the picture to Anna, she couldn't keep it to herself long. In a matter of minutes, we were on our way to her mother's house, where she would present the picture to her mother taken on her wedding day 70 years ago.

90-year-old Anna Atanasia Cruz was standing when we arrived, ready to see with her own eyes the photo she had thought was gone forever.

"Thank you very much," Anna's mother said.

Now the photo will go back to its rightful spot where Anna says it will stay until she works up the nerve to move it again to get restored.

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