2 girls wanted in Secane's great pumpkin caper

SECANE, Pa. - October 14, 2010

Officials have dubbed this cirme - "The Grinches who stole Halloween."

A surveillance camera caught two young women at 1:00 a.m. Sunday swiping pumpkins and a scarecrow from Cocco's Pizza shop in Upper Darby.

"I called the police up, I didn't know if they'd be interested or not because they got bigger crimes to solve, and it's just aggravating, we set it up, we're very family orientated and stuff was taken," Mike Cocco of Cocco's Pizza said.

Police are hoping someone recognizes the ghostly images in the video.

The two thieving ghouls just vanished into the night.

At a press conference, the police, jokingly, showcased a stuffed dog that played the theme to the movie 'Ghostbusters,' knowing they would be able to track down the criminals.

While the police are having fun with it too, there are serious consequences. To them, it's a quality of life crime.

"It impacts on young children, businesses trying to put a display out there to provide an atmosphere fun and enjoyment for community members," Upper Darby Police Michael Chitwood said.

The nightmare may soon be over.

A man is seen in the video walking in the background isn't a ghost. He's a friend of the shop owner and he waited out of sight to get the license tag of the car.

The shop owner says the girls probably aren't monsters, just a little goofy.

"No harm, no foul, no big deal," Cocco said.

This shop will survive the invasion of the pumpkin snatchers and Secane will soon be able to sleep peacefully since the police expect to make an arrest soon based on the tag number from the car.

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