Local Rotary Club helps Ruiz in Panama

LANGHORNE, Pa. - October 14, 2010

The Langhorne Rotary Club loves the Phillies, and takes pride in helping people around the world, so they are reaching out to provide a new water system for the children who live in the Chiriqui Province in David.

Most of the children who live at the SOS Children's Village in the Chiriqui Province in David were abandoned by their families who couldn't afford to feed them.

Rotarry Project Coordinator Myrl Brut, who recently built a second home in Panama, also works with the Rotary Club in David. He's seen first hand the water problems in the village.

"There is a system that in the wet season clogs up and the water shuts down, and in the dry season, the well runs dry," explains Brut.

The 120 boys and girls in this mountain region know Ruiz as a national Hero.

"It's not all about baseball to them," says Brut. "It's that he is a man they aspire to be like."

The entire Central American nation celebrated when Ruiz and the Phillies clinched the division title.

The Langhorne Rotary Club has already raised $4,000 for the project. The international arm of the humanitarian organization will donate the additional money for the $12,000 grant needed to build the system.

The village's old water system, which provides fresh water only 4 months of the year, will be removed and a 100-foot well will be dug on the site to provide clean water for drinking and cooking.

"Quilts for Kids", recently adopted by the Langhorne Rotary Club, will provide hand-made quilts to every child in the village.

It is hoped the project in Panama will get underway early next year. The Langhorne Rotarians also want to supply the village with new playground equipment and to send a local baseball team on a relief mission to hold clinics for the kids.

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