Donate to BreastFest, chance to win World Series tickets

Oaklyn, N.J. - October 15, 2010

"I'm speechless," Joanne said, adding, " This is great!"

Joanne got the tickets this year for her perseverance and also for her work now as a volunteer with Breastfest. It's a local non-profit started by five sisters who lost their mother who breast cancer. Now they help support local women battling the disease, as they did for Joanne.

"They just are very supportive and helpful and very loving. It makes me want to cry," she said."

Co-founder of BreastFest Sara O'Brien said, "We're really about providing patient care, providing people with things they cannot afford for themselves and families." She explains all the donations given to BreastFest helps women in our immediate area with things like medical care not covered under insurance, transportation, wigs and emotional support.

And with your help, Breastfest hopes to help more women. Rutkowski has started a raffle. Donate to breastfest, any amount and you'll be entered to win World Series tickets.

"Right behind home plate, hall of fame club, row five and whoever would win these, bring your glove. It's foul ball territory," Rutkowski said.

But speaking of, there is one catch. In order to win the raffle, the Phillies have to make to the World Series. Rutkowski is optimistic but said even if they don't get there, "you're making a donation to a good cause to think of it that way."

Joanne said, "Just keep on giving- too many women die from breast cancer and you just never know so you've got to do the best you can for somebody else."

To make a donation and be entered into the raffle, either drop money off in an envelope with your name, address and phone to: Studio Luloo 916 White Horse Pike Oaklyn, N.J. 08107

Or send a check (with your address and phone number) to: BreastFest 211 Elm Avenue Haddonfield, N.J. 08033 Checks should be made payable to "BreastFest."

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