Mrs Fixit: Water Spots

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October 17, 2010 6:51:29 AM PDT
From shower doors to countertops, water spots can make surfaces look dull and dirty even when you've just cleaned them; but I have some ideas on how to get rid of those water spots!

Glass shower doors are notorious for showing water spots. I've told you before that a quick squeegee will keep the doors clean from day to day, but sometimes it's not as easy to get the family to clean up after their shower.

If you wipe the doors down with a water shield made for car windows it will repel water so it won't leave spots to begin with.

Water spots on chrome faucets can be removed with a nice soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol, it

Will clean away spots and leave a brilliant shine! And look up that same solution will make your mirrors sparkle.

Watermarks on counters can be cleaned up with a little baking soda and a soft cloth. The gentle buffing will erase those spots and leave behind a nice shine.

If you buff your counters, dry right after you clean them with a soft cloth it will eliminate the water spots before they form!

That baking soda will also buff spots from your kitchen sink leaving a nice clean surface.

Water spots not a problem anymore! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!