SugarHouse Casino winner attacked near home

PHILADELPHIA - October 18, 2010

According to investigators, the 26-year-old victim was struck in the head by the attackers, who were armed with handguns, after winning the money on Saturday.

Sugar House security footage showed the two suspects entering through the valet. The car that dropped them off, a Chevy Impala, goes to the north end of the north parking lot, backs up and remains with the driver but does not leave.

One male enters the bathroom, and the victim soon follows. He is speaking on his cell phone to his girlfriend about his 'good fortune,' police say, when the first male exits and waves his accomplice over.

They then follow the victim through the casino.

When the victim leaves, he goes out the north entrance looking for a cab and actually has a conversation with the two suspects.

Police say he then returns to the main entrance where he is seen getting into a cab.

The Impala, which has now moved to the front entrance, is seen sitting in the lot with the headlights on, and immediately follows as the cab leaves.

Police say the man had just been dropped off by a taxi when he was attacked near his home in Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

During the attack the victim yelled for help, but believed that no one could hear him because of the high winds that night.

He also said he saw a third man try to attack him, but was frightened away by the commotion.

The victim was able to fight off his attackers and was treated for a serious cut on his head and other lacerations.

He did not lose any of his money.

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