Parenting: Kids First Spooky Halloween

October 20, 2010

My 4th grader wants to be a "dark angel" for Halloween. I didn't think much of it and picked up a devil costume for my husband to go with the theme.

My husband thinks I'm nuts! He's wondering what we're teaching our daughters by the dark themes.

I frankly never gave it any serious thought. I'm a rather religious person so it is funny that I never questioned the "dark angel"!

But, it seemed in good fun to me.

I always like to hear thoughts from other parents/bloggers, so I did a little research online and found little help. So, I'm starting the discussion here! Feel free to comment below so we can all give our opinions. I'm sure there are other moms like me pondering how far to let the kids go on Halloween. We'll try our best to steer them away from blood and gore for the time being - but what about playing the role of a devil.

Can it be just for fun?

"Yo Murph!" Poor David Murphy has the misfortunate of sitting next to me all day, so he's forced to give me advice regularly. But, his kids have all turned out great so I'm lucky to have an experienced parenting resource by my side! He says, it's a fun holiday. Let them be who they want for Halloween and stop worrying! (He's probably just trying to get me to stop talking. No such luck Davie!)

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