Teens arrested for Brandywine Park jogger assaults

WILMIINGTON, Del. - October 21, 2010

The incidents took place at approximately 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 11, 2010.

Police say warrants were issued for the teens after rumors started spreading throughout their community that they were going to be arrested for the attacks.

Several of the suspects decided to come forward to police and admit they were present.

After conducting interviews, investigators arrested two 13-year-olds and one 14-year-old, all from Wilmington, on assault and related charges.

All suspects were released to their guardians.

A day after the attacks, one of the victims, Courtney Houston, spoke with Action News.

Houston said she was jogging in the park and noticed a group of teens. After nodding to them, the teens sprayed Houston in the eyes with mace.

"I think three seconds went by and I thought 'Oh my gosh, I can't see, my eyes are burning. What's going to happen next?" Houston said.

Houston screamed and the teens fled into the woods. But, officers say, they soon returned to target a male jogger. However, his sunglasses protected his eyes.

"The mace did not hit his eyes but on his arm. He was not attacked by the juveniles," said Sgt. Steven Barnes of the Wilmington Police.

Detectives are expected to charge two additional juvenile females in the next several days.

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