DA: Nurse stole drugs from Montco hospital

EAGLEVILLE, Pa. - October 22, 2010

Shannon Zimmerman was a nurse at a facility that treats drug and alcohol abusers.

On Friday, she faced a judge on drug charges including possession and use of heroin and cocaine and the theft of hundreds of pills from Eagleville Hospital where she worked.

As it turns out, it was her own 911 call that led to her arrest.

"She reported that her girlfriend had been injecting heroin and cocaine throughout the night and that she needed medical attention," Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman.

That girlfriend is Gabriel Gerold, who was a patient that Zimmerman helped treat at Eagleville Hospital.

On the night Zimmerman called 911, police say they arrived to find an apartment awash in drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Investigators say Zimmerman admitted that Gerold was not the only one abusing those narcotics.

"They had been injecting each other with drugs," Ferman said.

Ferman also criticized Eagleville Hospital for not being on top of this situation, saying this case was "A very serious problem in the system and the failure of the system at Eagleville Hospital monitoring what their employee, the nurse, was doing."

Eagleville Hospital CEO Maureen Pollock responded with a prepared statement.

"Eagleville Hospital has been cooperating. We took immediate action and we intend to continue cooperation with the police."

Gerold was not at the hearing on Friday. Police say she was hospitalized, but did not say why.

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