Kids bombarded by more fast food ads


A few years ago, fast food companies promised to cut ads directed to kids, and to promote healthier foods.

But a new Yale study shows kids are actually seeing more fast food ads than ever!

Pre-schoolers are seeing 21% more, older children are seeing a third more.

Study leaders say kids are being targeted at every turn.

Marlene Schwartz, Ph.D., the Yall Rudd Center's deputy director, says, "A lot of the marketing is done during the children's programming when the parents aren't there. And a lot of the online marketing is done on websites that children would be visiting by themselves, as well as social media where the teens are targeted directly."

Even though restaurants *offer healthier foods, only 12 out of 3-thousand possible kids meal combos meet nutrition standards or preschoolers. Only 15 met standards for older children.

The Yale researchers found that in the restaurants, fries were automatically served 86-percent of the time, and soda was served more than half the time.

Schwartz says, "The situation right now is it's POSSIBLE" to get a healthy meal at a fast food restaurant, but it's very difficult. You have to go, you have to know exactly what you're lookingfor, and to have to take the initiative to ask for it."

In a statement, McDonald's told ABC News, We are proud of our menu and remain committed to offering our customers a wide variety of quality food and beverage choices that meet their dietary needs and tastes."

See the full report at the Yale Rudd Center website.

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