Hot costumes for Halloween

October 27, 2010

From Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga, everyone wants to be a pop star. For would be politicians, Sarah Palin is a huge hit. While HBO's Boardwalk Empire has brought back the flapper. For movie lovers, pirates and their wenches are all the rage, and so is Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. "You walk into a party, you want people to look at you and go, 'Whoa! Where the heck did you get that how the heck did you do that!?'" says Richard Williamson, President of Pierre's Costumes.

People aren't the only ones in search of a show-stopping get-up. At the new Doggie Style in Paoli, dozens of pups went on a costumed parade. Who would have thought Halloween is such a big thing for pets?

"It really is," says Claudia Gutierrez, COO of Doggie Style. "I have two children as well. I think we have more fun dressing our dogs than we do our kids."

Dogs in need of a good home served as our models for some of the best selling ensembles. Among them, a penguin, a skeleton and a taco! You can also dress your dog like a hotdog, a cow, a sweet pea or a monkey.

Pups can also follow their sports-loving owners and don Phillies, Flyers or Eagles gear. The pumpkin is always a crowd pleaser. If your dog does tricks, you can give him treats- homemade Halloween cookies.

Most of the he dogs used in the story need homes. Conrad, the puggle, has been adopted. But Buddy, the cockapoo and Wally, the Chihuahua, are still looking for good homes. You can go to for details on those pups and other animals available for adoption.

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