Dentist: Some Halloween treats better than others

PHILADELPHIA - October 27, 2010

Parents often wonder what to do with all the candy they collect.

"He would eat the whole bag that night if I let him, but, of course, I can't," said mom Jamela Dockery. Instead, she allows her son to have a piece or two per day.

"After a few days, he'll forget about it, and I kind of make it disappear," she said.

Dentist Dr. David Bresler says a few snacks aren't bad - if you choose the right ones.

"We always say "Sticky and sweet is a yucky treat," Dr. Bresler said.

So, steer clear of gummy candies, fruit rolls, and even potato chips because they stay on teeth longer.

"The longer the sugary foods stay on the teeth, the higher the chance of getting decay," Bresler said.

Instead, he says things like chocolates are better. Although it has sugar, it also has cocoa butter which coats the teeth to protect against tooth decay.

"If you ate a Hershey bar, that would clear from your mouth quite quickly. Within 10 minutes, it's gone."

Plus, Dr. Bresler also recommends eating snacks after meals, when the mouth has more saliva.

Kids should brush after eating. If they can't, at least make sure to drink some water.

"Swish it around in your mouth as best you can, and that will go a long way toward reducing the amount of sugar, or sticky stuff in your mouth," said Dr. Bresler.

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