Main Line residents keep eye out for burglar

LOWER MERION, Pa. - October 27, 2010

In the first reported attempted burglary, the homeowner says he had heard two loud bangs early Sunday morning as his family slept.

When he got downstairs, a man was at the door with the screen peeled away.

The owner scared him off and called 911, but two days later, the house across the street was hit.

The police responded to a burglary in a Merion home on Edgehill Road around 3:15 a.m. Tuesday.

The woman was home with her two kids, her husband was away on business, when she heard suspicious noises, according to neighbor Karen Morris.

"She had stopped herself from calling 911 a couple times, she second guessed herself, but she finally called 911 and she whispered after she saw this kid crawling on all fours peeking into her bedroom," Morris said.

She stayed on the line as police rushed over, but the burglar got away, jumping off the back balcony and winding through alleyways.

"He got some Israeli coins which he threw down the alley, got some cash, some small items from her," Morris said.

Police believe the burglar was around 20-years-old and they're looking for tips.

Neighbors are using extra caution.

"We always keep the door locked, now really make sure it's locked," neighbor Beth Ben-Avraham said.

There was yet another sighting of the man in the neighborhood yesterday afternoon, according to the homeowner in the attempted burglary.

They called 911, but he was already gone.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lower Merion Police at 610-649-1000.

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