Parenting: The Great Make-Up Debate

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - November 3, 2010

Images of Suri Cruz in heels and lipstick are all over the internet. Is there anything wrong with letting the girls play dress up and when do you let your girls wear make-up for real?

I visited Sweet and Sassy in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to talk with some kids and moms. My girls have been to the salon and party place a few times, and LOVE it!! The moms there tell me that they don't let the kids swear make up out of the house, but they do let them have their fun at places like Sweet and Sassy. The moms also say the girls are hounding them to know when they can wear make up for real! It's a debate that goes on in many households.

I spoke with Sociology Professor Kim Logio, Ph.D. from St. Joseph's University. Dr. Logio has a daughter of her own who likes to play dress-up at home, but still she cringes at the idea of kids being made up and then celebrated for their beauty. Dr. Logio says from a sociological perspective, it creates a situation where girls are expected to be beautiful instead of celebrating other strengths like their intelligence and creativity. We may be inadvertently teaching little girls that's what the world wants of them: to look beautiful and to go to extremes to achieve it.

The owner of Sweet and Sassy, Ilyse Cugini, was quick to point out that she only uses sheer shades and age appropriate colors on the kids. Cugini says the girls are having a great time and it's all in good fun.

So, when do you let the kids wear make-up for real? The parents and Dr. Logio agree that's a question left to each individual family. I'm conducting a little informal poll on my facebook fan page, so log on and give your 2 cents while reading the opinions of other parents!

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