A glamorous life doesn't have to be costly

November 5, 2010

She says you can have a glamorous life, even if you don't have a lot of money.

Starting with the way you dress.

"You can be trendy. You don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on big labels," Moreno says. "I'm a huge fan of thrift stores, of vintage stores, consignment stores that have these pieces from the 70s in good condition, so you can be on trend and save tons of money."

In fact, she says some of today's runway trends were inspired by thrift shop finds.

"Designers go into thrift stores, into vintage stores to find an amazing piece and then knock it off with less good quality," she says.

Wish you could afford a fancy car? No worries -- just get the best of what you can afford.

"Consumers have never had a better time when it comes to buying a car," Moreno says. "Manufacturers of smaller cars are outfitting them with amazing amenities -- iPod connections and leather seats and heated seats. It's these little things that impress your friends that go a long way."

And when you do spend, she says you should comparison shop and always use credit cards that give you rewards.

Because she says, these days, being thrifty has really become posh.

"Really, really wealthy people have always kept onto their money because they know how to save. Being a total spendthrift, like you were in the 80s, that's like gauche now," she says. For more of Moreno's tips, click here.

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