Adler/Runyan race still too close to call

October 28, 2010

The race between incumbent John Adler and his Republican challenger, Jon Runyan, is a tight one.

Adler, an attorney and veteran state lawmaker before heading to Washington, is a Democrat in a traditionally Republican area who says he's worked to be bi-partisan.

"I've been the guy in the middle that understands the issues and works hard to find the center for America," Adler said.

Runyan, the former Eagles football player, is new to politics and argues Adler is really a liberal and that he - Runyan - would better represent the district.

"Me as a true conservative that is out there fighting for you day in and day out. We know who'll win this race in November!" said Runyan.

Adler bucked his party and voted against health care reform. Runyan says he would have, too.

"Truthfully it needs to be repealed and replaced because, right now, there are so many bad things in there, it's not only killing our economy it's going to kill our health care system," Runyan said.

Runyan and the GOP have called for an investigation into charges that Tea Party candidate Peter DeStefano was a plant in the race recruited by Adler's campaign to siphon votes from Runyan. Adler has denied any involvement.

"Jobs, deficits, our national security - that really has to be the focus. That's what people really care about so I'm glad to be able to dispel confusion people have about my involvement with any of those distractions," said Adler.

One recent poll put Runyan slightly ahead, while another put he and Adler in a dead heat. Political observers say this one is too close to call.

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