Full body scanners in use at PHL


Full body scanners went in use on Wednesday afternoon.

It's a whole body imaging scanner that allows security to detect potential threats beneath a person's clothing.

Using the scanner is not mandatory here, but some travelers believe the technology will make our skies more secure.

"They're just going to have to keep changing their tactics and everyone is going to have to cooperate," said John Keith of Wynnewood, Pa.

The Transportation Security Administration says strict privacy safeguards are at play here. The officer who assists the passenger never sees the image, and the officer who views the image is remotely located so they never see the passenger.

The officers communicate by wireless headset.

"As long as they're not taking it home and showing it to their family, I don't care," said Barbara Browning of Syracuse, New York.

The TSA said the equipment is unable to store or print the images. They're automatically deleted.

For more information, follow this link to the TSA website.

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