After win, Runyan thanks voters at NJ diner

MEDFORD, N.J. - November 3, 2010

Runyan said he wanted to "just thank them and be around them, know that I appreciate it and I'm honored, truly honored, to be their representative. It's an awesome day."

At least one diner knows what she wants from the former Philadelphia Eagle.

"Hopefully he doesn't owe his soul to the company store or somebody that got him elected and he'll have the guts to make the changes that need to be made," said Barbara Fritz of Medford Lakes.

  Best known as being an offensive lineman for the Eagles, the 36 year old Mt. Laurel resident quit football to run for Congress.

He'll be learning a whole new playbook in Washington and joked about this stature Tuesday night after learning he had been elected.

  "I probably will be the largest human being in the Hill. We're going to take that largeness and actually shrink the size of government," Runyan said.

Even Runyan's former coach, Andy Reid, weighed in on his win during a Wednesday news conference.

"I'm a big Jon Runyan fan. I know you're getting honesty, integrity, toughness and all those things that come with it," Reid said.

After surviving a particularly nasty campaign, I asked the congressman-elect which contact sport is rougher: football or NJ politics?

"They're both about equal," Runyan said. "The difference is when I go to bed at night I'm not lying there in pain for an hour trying to fall asleep."

  Runyan wants to work on cutting spending, taxes and the size of government. He says Republicans and Democrats have to work together to fix things in Washington.

After a number of interviews today, he hoped to spend some time with his parents who are visiting from Michigan before they head home on Thursday.

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