Make the most of leftover food

Nov. 24, 2010

So says Robin Kamensek, a mother of two from Washington, D.C.

Linda Harding's a mother of four from Bucks County, but she shares Kamensek's dilemma:how to re-make leftovers into a meal their families will eat, so they're not throwing away perfectly good food.

"They're very pick eaters," Harding says of her children. "They prefer having something new, although their palate is very limited, so it can be quite a challenge."

Kamensek shared the challenge with her husband, Mark, who used his computer skills to build

The site has a database of some 30,000 recipes.

To use it, you simply input the ingredients you have and let the site choose recipes options you can make.

Harding decided to try the baked apple meatloaf, using apples and ground beef from the fridge -- and a few staples she had in the pantry.

Robin says using the site has helped her family cut their grocery bill significantly.

"It's going to save you money because you're going to have your meals planned for you and you're going to use your leftovers," Kamensek says. "I hate throwing leftovers away."

Plus, you can shop for whatever meats are on sale each week and make the most of them.

"For instance, I will buy a chicken and then the next day we will have roast beef or we'll have apot roast," Kamensek epxlains. "And, with that chicken, I'll be able to make three different meals and with that pot roast, I'll be able to make two different meals. That's five days right there."

There's no fee to access the recipes on And the site includes information on keeping food fresh and safe cooking, in addition to the recipes. To check out the site, click here.

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