WEB EXTRA: How to Cover a Pie Fight

November 11, 2010

We knew that over 600 students hurling 1,500 chocolate custard pies would be messy, but you just can't cover a story like this from the sidelines.

So Andy donned a plastic poncho we had in our van before the event began. (We keep a few around for hurricanes and nor'easters, never thinking that we'd have to worry about custard pie flying through the air.) If you watch the pictures, you can see he was right in the thick of it as the students went wild.

When it was all over he was still standing, but thank goodness for that poncho. Even with it, he was wiping chocolate custard out of his hair and from his clothes. I stayed on the sidelines until things calmed down, but still came away slimed with chocolate myself after doing the interviews.

After looking at those kids covered in custard, I can only hope they don't run out of hot water at The Lawrenceville School - because the showers there are going to be running nonstop!

They'll know in a week or so if they officially broke the world record for biggest pie fight.

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