Rachael Ray breaks record with cooking demo

"We are trying to make history with the world's biggest cooking demo," Rachael Ray said.

And it was a big logistical feat months in the making!

"We try and make people feel like they are cooking along with us every day, but to do that thing is a technical big, big question," explained Rachael.

To pull it off, Rachael Ray's New York City studio got one heck of an overhaul.

"We have about 100 people here today like we normally have in our audience, but instead of those little blue chairs these people have pots, pans and utensils," said Rachael.

200 more people were set up at similar "mini kitchens" in Los Angeles, and folks at home from as far as Berlin, Germany to Philly were chopping, sautéing and Skyping simultaneously.

"We are really going to cook together. That's fantastic!" said Rachael.

"I am so excited to be doing this with you," said Alexa, who was cooking right here in Philadelphia.

The dish is a new recipe from Rachael's latest book, "Look and Cook".

"I wanted to make it a really simple meal. It is a honey mustard chicken," explained Rachael.

The production team handled the prep.

The heat was on, and so were those studio cameras!

At Rachael's cue, we popped the chicken in the pan.

And a few hot guests surprised the set in the form of Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos.

"So, if somebody burns something or screws up the recipe, does the alarm sound?" asked Kelly.

Nah! Not to worry. We passed the poultry round and advanced to veggies!

Then there was the final judgment!

"You guys did awesome," said Rachael.

And then the payoff - eating the food we made.

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