Drivers brake for turkeys in Bucks County

WRIGHTSTOWN, Pa. - November 15, 2010

"It's been kind of hectic in the intersection because they become dominant in their territory and they think that the road is their home," gas station owner Frank Ferino said.

The turkeys spend most of their time in a cornfield where there is no shortage of food, but eventually, they nibble their way out onto the highway.

Traffic normally whizzes by along route 413 and 232 in Wrightstown, but occasionally comes to a complete halt while the turkeys decide which way to go. At times, they appear frozen and that's when a motorist will usually step in putting an end to the gridlock.

"They're stopping traffic and somebody's out there shooing them all the way across; everybody takes pride in them, we seem to have adopted them," Laura Cacciatore of Newtown, Pa. said.

Leah Stallings of AARK Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in Chalfont says little can be done to relocate the big birds without injuring them. She says they probably come from the same flock and while others moved on, they stayed. She says there is one thing that may force them away from the intersection, although no one may want to hear it.

"When their food supply goes down or we have a heavy snow, they will retreat into the woods," Stallings said.

So at a time of year when so many turkeys are served up for dinner, these two roam free and even manage to get a little protection from the local community.

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