Exclusive: Anti-crime activist fighting on after attack


More than two weeks since a vicious attack that left her hospitalized fighting for her life, 52-year-old Marsha Moore is back home recuperating.

"I'm just really grateful, you know that God really woke me up," Moore said.

Moore, a revered anti-crime activist and truancy officer in Kingsessing, was viciously beaten with a pipe as she slept in her home about 9:20 Friday morning October 29th in the 200 block of South Cecil Street.

The assailant cracked her face in four places leaving her with more than 100 stitches, 2 broken fingers and a fractured arm, and her eye knocked more than 3 centimeters back.

"I got a metal plate in my face, they had to reconstruct [part of my face]...you can almost feel it, it's a metal plate," Moore said.

Moore was knocked unconscious and awoke in a pool of blood 3 hours later. Police say the assailant rummaged through the kitchen and ran off with only a few pieces of jewelry leaving other expensive items untouched.

As police continue to track down the attacker, Moore and her husband, Robert, a 12th District police chaplain, have long been big supporters of the Philadelphia Police and military veterans.

For the last 3 years, they have also been volunteers in the 6abc Thanksgiving Day Parade. Despite her recovery, the Moore's plan to be part of this year's parade as well.

"And how poignant is to be able to walk in the Thanksgiving Day Parade that we planned for months. God has ordained this already, so I'm going to carry it out just to be thankful," Moore said.

The Citizens Crime Commission continues to offer an $11,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Commission's Hotline at 215-546-TIPS.

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