Parenting perspectives: The return of Legos

November 16, 2010

A new video game perhaps? Some books? (he's getting those anyway) A remote controlled racecar? Board games?

We came across the answer this weekend. It seems he wants Legos - more Legos... those building toys that come in THOUSANDS of pieces, but can keep a child busy for hours.

Certainly, Nicholas has more than his share, he's been playing with them since he was six. But it seems he had abandoned Legos for Nintendo and Playstation. It was nice to see that he suddenly rediscovered them and has requested more for pieces for Christmas.

Nicholas has always been great at playing alone (some days he has no choice), but it's inspiring to see him using his imagination and creativity instead of a joystick or controller. Legos, as some experts will tell you, also encourages thinking and constructive insight - using the "right" side of the brain. And while the tiny pieces can be hard to clean-up and dangerous for a younger child, it has provided endless hours of fun for my 8-year-old - and even for his dad when he's asked to participate.

I don't know if Nicholas will become an architect, a builder or an engineer one day, but who knows where one's imagination can take you, especially while creating tales involving pirate-ships and spaceships using Legos.

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