Police take attempted luring very seriously

SOUTH WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - November 17, 2010 It's now at the point that police are following school buses in the Parkland School District in the Lehigh Valley.

Police say an attempted luring happened to 9-year-old Jenna Kshatri just days ago.

"Some truck pulled up, light blue pickup, this really big guy came out," Jenna told Action News.

Jenna had gotten off the bus from Parkway Manor Elementary just before 4:00 p.m. Monday on Penns Crossing in South Whitehall Township.

"He said 'where do you think you're going.' I started to try to run, but he just stopped me, and came in front of me," Jenna said.

"Everything she learned about strangers, I guess she couldn't remember any of it in the moment, I told her to scream and she didn't or clearly we would have heard her right through the window," Jenna's mother Lisa said.

Jenna explains the man blocked her path with his arms crossed until his friend yelled at him to get back in the pickup. The men drove away laughing.

Now, South Whitehall Township Police are looking for the driver of a light blue older-model pickup with tinted windows. The man is described as a white male, 6'3 and balding, with a light brown beard. His friend is also described as white with a black beard.

"We're taking this very serious. We've been checking the area mornings and afternoons looking for similar vehicles of that nature," South Whitehall Township Police Sergeant Thomas Gersbach said.

Police notified the Parkland School District, who in turn told parents to be on the lookout for the driver.

"I don't know if they're getting a laugh out of it, that it's a prank or if they're serious, I don't know, but if it's a prank, it's pretty sick," Lisa said.

Police report two other similar incidents involving a light blue pick-up. One took place on November 10th in Bethlehem Township and the other occurred on September 16th in Lower Saucon.

Lower Saucon Police never found any substantial evidence and consider their case closed.

However, police in South Whitehall are still looking. Anyone with information should contact 911 or 610-398-0337.

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