How to help your post-marathon recovery

PHILADELPHIA - November 19, 2010

She says, after her first, she was so sore it was tough just climbing stairs.

"I had to take it one little step at a time," Koze said. "It definitely hurts."

Physical therapist and athletic trainer Justin Shaginaw says post-race soreness starts within a couple of hours after the race. However, the worst pain typically starts about 24 hours post -race.

The soreness is usually felt in your quads, hamstrings, hip-flexors, glutes and calves. But there are ways to minimize the pain:

First: hydrate, drinking at least 8 ounces per each hour of running.

"I would drink at least half of those in electrolyte or sports drink or even tomato juice is a good way to replenish, not just water," Shaginaw said.

Also, be sure to stretch either on your own on with a foam roll. Don't forget to stretch after the race, then two more times later that night.

You can also try an ice bath. Put cold water and ice in the tub and sit for 10 to 12 minutes.

Over, the next few days, Saginaw says try some light activity.

"Things like walking, getting in a pool, light swimming, stationary bike without resistance," he suggested.

As for food, try to eat something with protein after the race, not just carbs.

It is also best to limit or avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

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