Black Friday strategies and Top 15 deals!

November 26, 2010

Black Friday can be overwhelming even for the most seasoned shopper. But with a little advice and a few key Apps, you can get the best deals quickly and easily.

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"The American consumer leads an incredibly busy, crazy life. You know we're running around with school, jobs, kids, activities, and all of that stuff. So consumers are being much more strategic about their shopping. They're calling it surgical shopping in fact," says Professor Diane Phillips of St. Joseph's University.

Kevin Strawbridge of Dealtaker makes it his mission to save you money by finding and posting black Friday ads on his website, and his number one tip this year is be a techie. Start by downloading Dealtaker's new App!

"You can pull Black Friday ads on to your iPhone and see them so when you're out shopping, you can use that as a comparative tool when you're out and it'll also help with your planning," said Strawbridge.

No need to carry circulars. Apps like Dealtaker, Black Friday and BF Deals put all the info on your phone, and even let you create a mobile shopping list as you search.

The Save Benjis app lets you search for bargains and coupons on the go using key words and categories.

And using the Red Laser app, scan the barcode to get the best deal online and in stores near your location.

"We actually tell people to team up. If you go to a Best Buy in Philadelphia and a Best Buy in King of Prussia, they may have different items and different things for Black Friday because they want to make sure they are diversifying," said Strawbridge.

So, divide and conquer! Share your list with others, and then call each other with your findings.

Also, never pay for shipping. Many online retailers are offering free shipping for the holidays, and you can find free shipping codes on

Amazon offers free shipping on certain eligible products that total $25 or more. And if you're a tiny bit short, check out the Filler Item Finder. You'll find low-cost products to meet the minimum, like a 50-cent spark plug.

"We believe that if you see something you need and if it's in the price range you want, you should buy it, because there's a chance deals won't be lower later, or two, the inventory won't be available," said Strawbridge.

Also, try to buy online from retailers outside of your state to avoid paying sales tax.

And ask for a low-price guarantee. That way if the item goes on sale or if it's offered cheaper elsewhere, you'll get a refund for the difference.

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