Parenting: Something has to give, right?

November 22, 2010

These devices became the norm in 2003, when camera phones began to outsell digital cameras. People who are 20 now were 13 back then, right around the time that you start making bad decisions (a hallmark of being a teenager).

What does this have to do with running for office? Well, select members of this generation may decide to get into politics, and given the cutthroat nature of political campaigns, some of what has been documented on cell phone cameras with family, with friends, and whoever else, may be released to the masses and cause embarrassment.

We have seen this in the most recent campaign, for the mid-term election in November. Several nominees (including one in our backyard, Christine O'Donnell) have found pictures taken in the past resurface and cause problems.

As a result of this, I figure one of the following things must happen:

    1. Teenagers will become more careful about what they do in front of cameras
    2. The American public will become more understanding about these adolescent moments
    3. A combination of the last two
    4. Society will demand a "pull-back" of sorts - fewer cameras, and fewer picture-takers
You have to wonder what the norm will be in just 10 years. We'll see.

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