Delaware County struck by burglary spree

NEWTOWN TWP., Pa. - November 22, 2010

Dee Walder has lived in her Marple Township neighborhood for more than 40 years.

She is stunned and fearful after a Media Line Road neighbor was burglarized late last week.

Thieves stole a large amount of cash and about $30,000 worth of jewelry.

"I thought I was safe here. Sometimes I leave my front door open, I said I ain't leaving that front door open again," Walder said.

At least 9 daylight residential burglaries have occurred in 5 Delaware County towns along the 252 corridor since late September. There were five break-ins in November alone.

The townships hit in these series of burglaries include Newtown, Marple, Upper Providence, Nether Providence, and Concord townships.

Cash, jewelry, and even fur coats have been snatched up quickly.

They hit one Newtown Township home on November 8th; the burglars have been hitting houses where they know no one is at home.

"Nobody's home, most of the doors are locked, they're forcing the doors, and sometimes, they try the doors and if they're open, they just walk in," Newtown Township Police Chief Dennis Anderson.

Home surveillance video shows a 2-door Jeep, possibly a Wrangler Sahara model, "Rescue Green" in color. Police believe it was used in all 9 cases and was driven by two young white men.

Police believe the burglars are heroin addicts looking for items to pay for their drugs.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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