Temple football players accused of sex assaults

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - November 23, 2010

The first alleged rape occurred over the weekend inside in a dormitory on 1300 Cecil B. Moore Avenue. A source tells Action News two freshman football players invited the victim into their room.

A short time later, she was allegedly assaulted. The victim went to authorities almost immediately and a rape kit was performed, but, so far, no one's been charged.

Captain John Darby of the Philadelphia Police Department said the District Attorney's office was contacted immediately concering the case.

Sources say a second victim has come forward claiming one of the players raped her two weeks ago inside an off-campus home at 15th and Norris streets. She reported that alleged assault a week later to Temple police. Philadelphia police did not get the case until today.

Both appear to be cases of acquaintance or date rape. Students say their slowly learning about the sexual assaults and are disturbed by the allegations.

"It's crazy, I just transferred here so it's a culture shock to begin with, I think it's awful," junior Colleen Rennie said.

The university is leaving the investigation to police.

A spokesperson says the school takes these allegations very seriously and proper protocol was followed in reporting the incidents.

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