FYI: Mary Poppins coming to Philadelphia

NEW YORK CITY - November 24, 2010

The hit Broadway musical May Poppins has been in the gorgeous New Amsterdam Theater that was built in 1903. It was home to the Zeigfield Follies and Lion King. For the past 4 years, it's served as the stage for the magical, high-flying Mary Poppins.

The show has over 250 costumes and Mary sometimes has less than 40 seconds to change! You may not see it from your seat, but the bustle of one of her dresses is actually a tray of tarts. Some of the starlighter costumes have over 800 stars.

From under the stage to over top it, the so-called Mary Bridge goes 50 feet in the air. It's where Mary lands when she takes her iconic end-of-show flight off the stage and over the audience.

When Mary Poppins comes to Philadelphia, the show will be at the Academy of Music where they're constructing a similar system that will enable Mary to fly past the giant chandelier!

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