Crimefighters: South Phila. hit and run

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - November 27, 2010

"We need to get this guy off the street," said Santo Montecalvo.

Police recovered surveillance video showing the car speeding away moments after the impact. It was saturday night, September 25th, 8:30 p.m.

Deone Leone and her 2 year old son, Derek, were crossing the street at 6th and Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia when they were struck down by a hit and run motorist. They were just steps away from their home.

Little Derek did not survive. His mother suffered a leg injury.

Initially police thought the fleeing car was a Mercedes, they now describe the vehicle as a 2002-2007 S-Type Jaguar Sedan. It's silver in color, but at night it could look lime-green. It had tinted windows, low profile tires, high performance chrome rims and high intensity bright headlights.

The citizens crime commission desperately needs your help. It also has this message to the motorist, turn yourself in, now.

"It tore somebody's life apart. You tore a mother and father whose son was 2 years old. You destroyed their life," said Montecalvo. "There is no remores from this guy. We are pleading to the public. We want your help."

A $2,500 reward is being offered.

The number to call is 215, 546 tips. And you can remain anonymous.

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